How I Was Able To Recover My Mac Drive

I have had my computer for about four years before I started having trouble with it. The first thing to go wrong with it was the hard drive. The hard drive went out on me while I was writing a paper for my Psychology class. I was scared that I lost everything and was freaking out because I wrote 20 pages. I used my friend’s computer to learn how to do a mac hard drive recover. The process didn’t seem too hard, so I decided I would try to fix it myself. The first thing that I did was buy a new hard drive. My local computer store was having a sale on hard drives, so I was able to get one for a cheap price.

I then performed a recovery of my hard drive and installed the new one into my iMac. The process was simple and easy. My friend was impressed by how quick I was able to get everything installed. I was never really good with computers, but I followed the instructions pretty well. The site I used to fix my computer had a lot of pictures, which is the main reason I was able to get everything fixed so quickly.

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