Repairing a Damaged Hard Drive

My sister and I both decided to get mac computers when we went to college. We both liked how Apple provided great customer service. They are always willing to help out in any situation you have. We also decided to get one since Best Buy was having a sale on them for college students. They were offering the laptops for $200 off the original price. It was a price we good not resist and it was something we both wanted for a long time. It has been about three years since we bought the computers and we only had one problem with them so far, which was a hard drive failure. My sister was using her computer and the hard drive crashed on her.

When my sister’s hard drive crashed we called Apple support and they told us to talk to Irvine’s Hard Drive Recovery Group to take us through a mac hard drive recovery process. I was impress by how fast they helped us out. We were able to get my sisters computer back to running in under two hours. They also decided to send her a new hard drive free of charge. They told her to take it to the Apple Store and they will install it for her.

How I Fixed My Roommate’s Laptop

Beautiful laptops.

Beautiful laptops.

My roommate and I are both computer game fanatics. We play computer games almost daily. When his computer crashed he almost lost it, because he didn’t know what was going on. I decided to check it out, since I had some previous computer training. I quickly found out it was due to his hard drive. His hard drive failed on him and I told him he needed to get a new one. I told him that I could perform a mac hard drive recovery though, so he wouldn’t lose all of his information. He was happy to hear that he would lose all his gaming information. When he left to buy a new hard drive, I performed a recovery of his hard drive.

I was able to put all the data on his new hard drive in about 3 hours. His computer was back to normal and we quickly went back to playing are video games. I just told him that he should keep a backup of all his software in case his hard drive fails again. He later went out and bought a portable hard drive so he could back up all his information. I decided to get a portable hard drive as well to do the same.

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